- Ipod car charger white for all iphone models

Do you accept PayPal?

Yes we accept PayPal.

Do you accept a BACS payment?

Yes you can pay via BACS transfer if you wish.
To do so please follow these steps:
1. Email sales@flagshipfones.co.uk with a list of the items you wish to purchase, the shipping service you would like and your full name, delivery address and contact details.
2. We will reply with the full amount to pay and our bank account details.
3. Once the payment has been made, please contact us so that we can update our records and check the payment has been received. (Please note, you must accept all bank charges).
4. Once we receive the payment we shall dispatch the order via the shipment method requested.

Can I remove VAT from my order?

All UK orders will have VAT applied to them. For customers with UK VAT numbers, VAT will be shown on the invoice and charged, but you can use the invoice to claim the tax back through the normal methods.
When delivering to the EU, VAT will be removed if an EC/EU VAT number is supplied and entered during the checkout or if your Country within Europe is exempt from the tax. Orders shipping to the UK will have VAT applied, even if the invoicing address is outside the UK.
Customers outside of the EU are not charged VAT on any order.

Can I ship to an alternative address?

We do offer delivery to an alternative address. In order for an item to be dispatched to a different address, you need to complete 3-D secure (Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCard).
Where possible please provide contact details including telephone numbers for the delivery address.
Whilst we try to avoid this, it may be necessary to ship to the registered card address only. We will inform you if this is the case.

Can I track my shipment and is it insured?

All items are sent with services through which they can be tracked. Depending on the service used, there are different levels of tracking information that you can view. Couriers such as UPS, Interlink and FedEx provide the most comprehensive tracking facilities. If you want the package to be fully tracked then we suggest choosing one of these as the delivery method.
We insure all packages against loss or damage. Should you receive a package that is damaged or feel that your package has been lost, you will need to contact us (support@flagshipfones.co.uk) so that we can investigate the matter further.

Can you reduce the value of the item?

We have a requirement to declare the true value of the goods; therefore all items will be sent and insured for their commercial value. We cannot, nor will we reduce the declared value of an item.

What is Pre-Order?

Pre-Order means that you can purchase the item before it is released. This gives you the opportunity to get one of the first devices when the product is released.
Release dates are shown on the product page or you can contact sales@flagshipfones.co.ukif you have any further questions.

My product is faulty, what can I do?

If you feel that your product is not functioning correctly please follow these procedures:
1. If available take a look at the manual, read and act upon any of the help/troubleshooting tips provided.
2. Contact the manufacturer directly to discuss the problem and take note of their advice. If this does not work book it in for return with them. If it cannot be booked in directly go to the next step.
3. Contact flagshipfones by phone or email and we will provide assistance on the fault and if necessary arrange a returns authorisation.

How long is the warranty on my device?

Each device will have a different warranty period. Please refer to the product page for the warranty period for the particular product you are enquiring about. If the warranty is not shown on the page or in the technical information, please contact us (sales@flagshipfones.co.uk) and request the information.

Are the devices unlocked?

All our devices, unless stated on the product page itself, are SIM FREE and UNLOCKED. This means they have come from the factory unlocked and have never been locked for use on any network.
As a result of the above all the devices, unless stated do not have anything other than the manufacturers logo and images on the device. There would be no carrier/network operators branding.

What network can I use it on and can you confirm it will work?

Most of our devices can be used globally on most major networks and it is likely that you will be able to at a minimum make calls and perform low speed web browsing on the device.
We cannot however confirm 100% compatibility with your network provider in your country (unless in the UK), therefore please take a note of the frequencies for which the device will work on and speak to your network provider who should be able to confirm whether or not they broadcast mobile signals on those and whether the device will work.
Whilst we will happily advise by email or phone where possible of compatibility, the responsibility on confirming compatibility lies with you as the purchaser.


Ipod car charger white for all iphone models


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